How to contact RelaxID?
All questions regarding the RelaxID platform should be sent to the e-mail info@relaxid.com. 
For other non-urgent issues, please use the provider's chat. Our customer support team will get back to you ASAP. For emergency situations, both providers and our customers can contact us at +46812410094. Our phone is available from  Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM. 

How do I book a service?
Go to our website, select the city, the service you would like to receive, the amount (if applicable) and schedule. Insert your credit card details and now wait for some minutes. The request goes to service providers that are servicing that area. The first one to confirm will be connected to your order, and then you just need to relax and enjoy your service.
After service is delivered you should leave a review to help your service provider and the platform to keep high standards.

How do I pay for the service? Can I pay with cash?
You can pay online with the credit card although you can tip your service provider in cash if you so desire.
Can I leave a tip?
RelaxID does not currently offer an option to tip providers by the app. But you can show your appreciation in cash directly to your service provider. All of our providers will also appreciate the gratitude shown by leaving a good review. RelaxID has a reward system in place for providers that have a track record of satisfied customers. 
What if my hotel is not on the list?
Please, contact the customer support and we will try to connect with your chosen hotel if they meet our quality requirements. 
Who can use corporate account?
The account can be used by the workers of the company that has acquired a corporate account.
Where can I see reviews of the service providers?
You will be able to see reviews from the previous customers after you get paired with a provider.
What if I did not like the service?
We are sorry you didn't like the provided service. Please, leave us a review explaining why and we will work on it immediately.
Can I choose a specific provider?
Unfortunately, you can't choose the provider, they get appointed automatically after your payment. If you are not satisfied with the reviews, you can cancel the appointment. If there is more than 24 hours before the service, you will get a new provider.
How do I cancel an appointment?
You can cancel in the order section you received on your email. There will be no fee if you cancel more than 24 hours before your appointment.
How do I contact service provider directly in case I want to ask something/make some changes in the appointment?
After the payment you will receive all the provider's contact information.
What are the requirements for the corporate accounts?
No specific requirements are needed. The solution is customized according to the needs of the company.
Are the service providers qualified?
Yes. We conduct all necessary background checking before being allowed to perform services in the platform.
What happens if I am late for the appointment?
Please, contact you provider and discuss the issue with them. If you can't reach the provider, use the chat in the app.
Do I get any booking receipts?
Yes. You will get all the booking legal information via a link in the e-mail.
How do I leave a feedback for the service provider?
After the service, we will send you an email with a link where you can evaluate your experience.
How do I get a discount?
Discounts are subject to ongoing promotions. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or subscribe for the newsletters to receive latest updates.


How can I become a partner?
Hotels can get approached by our managers based on users' demands or reviews on public websites. After the agreement is reached and signed, the hotel receives any needed equipment, accessories, and marketing material. The staff will be trained in platform functionality.
Why partner with RelaxID?
RelaxID increases your clientele by providing a wide range of quality services. Having wide network of elite service providers for your guests will increase your brand recognition and guest satisfaction.
Hotel also gets access to a network of over 500 000 persons from our corporate accounts that pay for service packages.
How do I get booking information in my hotel?
Each hotel has access to a management account. Here you can overview all current and past orders provided in your hotel.
Are the service providers qualified?
Yes. We conduct all necessary background checking before being allowed to perform services in the platform.
Who is held accountable for the cancellation or bad service?
We seriously hope not to have to deal with such situation, but the service provider is the ultimate responsible for the service. 
Can we select specific service providers for our hotel?
Unfortunately, you can't choose the provider, they are appointed automatically after the payment. We remove any providers with bad reviews or low quality, but if you have unpleasant experience with some, you can contact our team and we will make your hotel unavailable for them. 
For how long is the agreement made?
The agreement with us is made for indefinite time with no need for periodical renewal.
Can we cancel the partnership any time?
If you encounter situation, where you don't need our providers, we can suspend your account and when the need arise, activate it again. If you really want to cancel our partnership, we would love to know the reason to get better. You can, of course, cancel any time. 
Are there any expenses in order for us to join?
No. RelaxID provides all the necessary equipment and marketing materials.
Are there any requirements about the room the services will be provided in?
Massage should be provided in room bigger than 14m2. Any other service can be executed in any room.
How often can we request new massage table?
When the table doesn't look presentable because of signs of using or wear off. And any time it breaks, of course. 
What if we receive complaint from the guest after the service?
If the client doesn't want to contact customer support themselves, ask him in detail about what happened and contact us in their place. We will solve any disputes that might appear.
Are the providers going to work exclusively for us?
No, they can take orders from other partner hotels in the same city. 
What if we already have these services in our hotel?
That's great, but we can still be of help. Your specialists can be booked or off hours already when the guest desires services. You can then supplement your busy specialist with our providers and increase the capacity of your spa treatments. 


Why partner with RelaxID?
1. Work flexibly
Choose hotels you want to serve. Service providers take 70-60% of the customer price and 100% of tips, earning up to 1,000 Eur a week.
2. Exclusive booking system
Clients select the service they want to book based on availability per city.
3. Support & Safety
7 days a week support line. No cash payment policy. Free consultation to help you develop your skills.
4. A growing team of specialists
Join over 2000 professionals across 12 cities.
Can I join the RelaxID platform?
Of course. If you are a professional for the services currently being offered in RelaxID and you believe that you have what it takes to give a great experience to hotel guests, then you definitely should join.
How do I join RelaxID?
If you re interested in joining the RelaxID platform please register in the page ttps://www.relaxid.com/apply/provider
What requirement do I need to fullfill in order to become a partner?
You need to have a minimum experience of 2 years executing your particular service, bank account to receive the money and a smartphone to be able to receive the orders. For some services you need to have certificates (massages, facials,...)
What is the provider onboarding process?
Service providers are checked for: residence permit, self-employed or other legal status, and experience through CV and back traceable recommendation letters. After the provider will be accepted and allowed to start a profile. After it is done, the profile will go online and you will start receiving orders.
Will I work directly for RelaxID?
No. RelaxID is a platform where hotel guests can engage with professionals for their desired services. As such the payment will be made directly to the service provider. Then the platform will charge a fee to the provider that will cover the platform and hotel fee.
How many orders can RelaxID guarantee?
We are providing you with a chance to join our network with many customers. Then, it depends on you, how many orders you will receive based on the time you are online and what service range you provide. Of course, the number of orders also depends on the number of hotels in your city, but it mostly depends on you. We are providing a chance and existing network, the rest is up to you.
Can I choose the hotel I want to work with?
Yes. You can choose the hotels you want to work with and manage the orders you want to take.
Can I choose clients I want to work with?
Sure. If you do not want to work with particular clients just ignore their orders.
How do I get paid?
The payments are made 5 working days after the service is executed to the banking account you provided us with. 
How much do I receive per appointment?
This depends on country, service you provided and how long you are working with RelaxID. After registering your fee will be 30% and the longer you will work with us, the better your reviews and the more active you will be, you can see it decrease to 15%.
How will I receive booking information?
All orders are sent to the RelaxID app. After receiving a notification you will just need to accept or ignore the orders. The first provider to accept the order gets to perform it. You will then get the needed information automatically. 
What happens if the client cancels the order?
If the client cancels an order with less then 6 hours for the delivery, the provider shall receive 50% of the total fee that was reserved for him/her.
What happens if I cancel a paid order?
We choose another provider to do the service and the money goes back to the customer. We strongly discourage providers from cancelling the orders, this could damage your profile reputation and make system avoid orders given to this profile. In those cases we do recommend canceling the order as soon as possible.
Do I need to bring my own equipment?
For massages, each hotel will have a mobile table present in the hotel storage room. And therapists should only bring oils and dress accordingly to provide the service in a professional way. For other services the providers should bring any equipment they may feel is required to service the client for the task booked.
What happens if the equipment breaks?
If such inconvenience happens please inform the customer support as soon as possible. If the equipment brakes during a massage we recommend discussing with the client for a possible solution. If not possible to agree with the client, the customer support will intervene and try to find a solution for all parties involved.
Can I have another job?
Of course. RelaxID doesn’t employ or imposes any obligations in terms of time management or exclusivity of its partners/providers.