Stress can be the root of many health problems, physical or mental. What are the ways employers are taking care of their workers' mental health and stress relief? How to take care of employees' well-being when they are on a business trip?

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In today's world, many workers can be overworked even if it seems they are not at work that many hours. A lot of employees however take their work home, think about it even in their free time and are stressing about the work when they should be relaxing. From this mindset, it’s just a short way to burnout, chronic stress or mental problems (Winner, 2008). These many problems originate in stress even though it’s not that hard, in early stages, to relieve it and relax. 

The correct mental hygiene should be easy to learn. It should consist of learning how to stop thinking about work at doorstep, how to relax, taking care of the body and so on. Sometimes, even this is not enough. That’s where a lot of companies step in and offer wellness programs as a part of benefits because they realize it’s better to prevent the problem then trying to solve it when it’s too late (McCann, 2017). These programs can, but are not limited to, include coaching in mental health, dealing with problems the employee may have and want to get rid of (smoking, overweight,...), massages, beauty services and so on. This can be achieved when the environment of the employee isn’t changing and even the routine can help in relieving the stress.

But what to do if the employee is one of those who have to travel often because of work? The act of travelling because of work can be stressful enough itself, but with the added pressure of business meetings, missing family, change in routine and many other factors can increase the stress to the highest levels.  

What should companies do then, when they have a wellness program for employees but only when they are in the city? There is a need to take care of all the workers, especially if they are out of their routine. The provided wellness when they are away can even become one of the motivators or at least lift their mood when they are leaving for a business trip.

If the management wants to take care of their employees, the best way would be contracting a company that can help with booking, has many options all around the cities the workers have to visit and is easy to use. 

One of these can be RelaxID.com. The platform has agreements with many hotels and service providers, so you can give your employees access to the account and enable them to book a relaxing service in the hotel room. Thanks to this the company can be sure the employee is taken care of in terms of stress relief and relaxing even while away. 

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