With COVID-19 a major part of the hospitality industry was decimated. Entire teams becoming unemployed, small hotels filling for bankruptcy, larger hotels closing operations of certain regions, and a key element of the equation – guests do not even consider travelling at the moment. Or should we say - weren't considering?

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In every country, small hotels located outside urban centres experience a drastic increase in internal tourism. In current circumstances, people choose hotels in smaller rural areas for various reasons. Some have been locked down in their tiny flats for a way too long time, others seek to reallocate to less populated areas and reconnect with nature. One thing they all have in common is a desire to break out of this stagnation and their preserved purchasing power allows them to evaluate available options.

How can hotels benefit from the “boredom” of the local guests?
These are our 4 tips on how hotels can improve their offer in order to retain and acquire a new client segment.


The key element in hospitality is and will always be the quality of the premises. Aspects like hotel’s location do play a certain role but at the end of the day, it will always be the static photos that will drive the decision to click the booking button.
By polishing, we don't mean to completely renovate all areas from top to down but be selective, use this time to focus on 3 or 4 points that can bring immediate value, and you can share your efforts with your guests by emphasizing improvements of the offer. And of course, make sure these changes are as photogenic as possible.


Hotels out of urban centres experience an increase in the demand from guests seeking to escape the city centre, but what if your hotel IS located in the city centre?
Today marketing specialists have the opportunity to focus on their target down to one square kilometre. As we all know – the grass is always greener on the other side, and therefore today is no exception -   while residents of bigger cities choose reallocation to rural areas, people from towns and villages search for deals to spend quality time in capitals. Just test it, make a promotion for bookings on Saturday and Sunday by offering Friday and Monday stays for free set your target at a radius of120kms, and remove any urban centre from the target with the available marketing channels. People from rural areas are always open to offers to visit the city. Help them out.


Many hotels have amazing infrastructures to offer to their guests, from spas, to pools, saunas, water parks but, due to the pandemic, these areas are closed.
Rethink and restructure these areas. Divide them into smaller areas and allow for individual bookings of these premises. This stricter control will help you to follow regulatory guidelines and demonstrate to your clients that you put their safety first.


The biggest part of the hospitality market comprises the typical four-star hotel catering for business travellers and these players currently suffer the most. Normally they do not have spas or relaxation services and therefore room for improvement is very limited. But not impossible, companies like RelaxID.com cooperate with such hotels so that they extend their service offering and open their doors to the wider client segment. As a result of partnering with such companies as RelaxID, hotels can introduce new packages and services, offering a romantic night in the city with an in-room dinner provided by the hotel and a morning massage catered by RelaxID.com. Make it more interesting for your guests.

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