In this article, we will explore how can Peer-2-Peer marketplaces help small and medium-size hotels to adapt to Covid-19, using various platforms such as Uber and UberEats, RelaxID and GetYourGuide.

Peer-2-Peer marketplaces for hospitality

The rapid spread of COVID-19 put many industries “on-hold”, especially travel and hospitality. Now the whole hospitality industry has to learn how to adapt to the new environment we are in and how to make this environment as safe as possible for everyone. 
In this article, we suggest how small and medium-size hotels can adapt to COVID-19 through the use of Peer-2-Peer marketplaces as Uber Eats for food for their guests, Uber for transportation, RelaxID.com for services, and GetYourGuide for external activities.
But first, let’s distinguish what is Peer-2-Peer marketplace and why is it something that we should use.

The Peer-2-Peer marketplace is an e-commerce platform that provides the space for sellers, suppliers and buyers to connect with each other and exchange goods or services. Well-known examples of such platforms are Uber, Etsy, eBay, Fiverr, and many others. Why should it be important for hotel management today? Because providing more options to the guests through online platforms is a big advantage, even in normal times, and it comes with no additional costs. 
Now let’s take the platforms like Uber Eats, RelaxID, and GetYourGuide and see how they can help your hotel. 
If you are a small or medium-size hotel you might not have your kitchen open 24/7.  Therefore it would be a benefit for your guests to have your hotel working with a company as Uber Eats, so they can have their food delivered whenever they want.

GetYourGuide is another platform that hotel management should consider in order to provide the guests with a great and reliable experience outside your hotel. GetYourGuide is an online agency and platform that arrange tour guides and excursions. This is a great opportunity to attract more guests by providing additional activities for them while staying in your hotel. This immediately makes a whole travel experience more exciting and easier for the guests.

And finally,  RelaxID - a platform that partners with hotels and service providers like masseurs, beauty and wellness professionals, or baby and pet-sitters. Thanks to RelaxID the guests can have all of these on-demand services available even if the hotel does not have their own professionals. This is a perfect opportunity for the hotels to expand offered services without having any additional costs of buying new equipment or hiring and training personnel. You would be able to provide a better experience for each guest and fulfil a wider range of their needs and desires.

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