Why we exist

We help you to have a great concierge service wherever you go.

Empowering hotels and great professionals

Relaxid started as a platform assisting hotels to have an additional workforce on-demand. And later scaled up to a full network of services, where clients book services at the same market rate and standards. This allowed hotels to provide a wider range of services to their clients helping with the customer satisfaction and retention rate. And due to the rating and feedback system, amazing professionals today have the credibility to work with premium hotels, giving their clients access to great services provided by great specialists.

In 2018 Relaxid acquired TeamSpaX to become the largest concierge service in Europe. Currently, the platform executes services in over 12 cities and more than 10 countries.

We envision a network of hotels where it’s easy for anyone to access the services people want in their life. With that in mind, we’re adding new services and expanding to more cities. We want to help people feel comfortable and healthy while traveling and reach our ultimate goal: to help our hotels, partner-practitioners and customers feel more confident, relaxed, energetic, and empowered. That is the power of #beamazing.

As we’ve grown, we’ve talked about the impact of wellness, health, and beauty with our employees, our partners, and the professional community. A clear theme has always rung true: when you prioritize yourself, you do better. For some, a massage does the trick. Others, a training outside. And yet, it’s not easy to prioritize it. We face endless notifications, long hours, and pressure to always be productive. Relaxid will not fix everyone's problems but it will make sure that while traveling you can certainly have a great experience in your hotel.

Let people prioritise wellness and be amazing

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