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The German capital, is renowned for its amazing diversity of attractions, its edgy cultural scene and unique way of life that attracts millions of people every year


One of Europe’s oldest cities. A classy destination with gorgeous canals and narrow streets. A place to enjoy old colourful homes and many amazing palaces


Political capital of Europe. The city is home to EU institutions, international organizations, politicians, and civil servants. Get captivated by this small city of rich culture and charm


As a phoenix reborn from the ashes, capital of Poland impresses with its resilience, regard for history, contemporary style and joy for life


The biggest city in Baltics, Riga perfectly blends tradition and cutting edge cool. One-of-a-kind mix of old and new, a bridge between the East and the West


Enjoy the golden glow of a midsummer evening. Lithuania's capital has an Old Town of rare authenticity: fabulously intact, its bumpy streets are routed with weather-worn period buildings that hide cafes and boutiques


From its impressive Oktoberfest and beer gardens to its colorful historic sites, Munich is a place to be savored. A city with tall tankards and high-tech cars,where traditional and modern sit side by side

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